Camp Odayin

2020 Have a Heart Benefit Sponsorship

In response to the COVID-19/coronavirus: The Have a Heart Benefit (previously scheduled for April 4) is being postponed. We have every intention of rescheduling this event and look forward to sharing a new date with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for sponsoring Camp Odayin and the Have a Heart Benefit!

Details on the event:
20th annual Have a Heart Benefit
Goal: raise funds to send amazing kids with heart disease to camp!
Held at the Radisson Blu Downtown Minneapolis

Director level includes 10 tickets - $3500 ($2500 of which is deductible)
Nurse level includes 6 tickets - $2500 ($1900 of which is deductible)
Counselor level includes 4 tickets - $1500 ($1100 of which is deductible)
Camper level includes 2 tickets - $750 ($550 of which is deductible)

Thank you in advance for partnering with Camp Odayin and sharing your kindness!

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